Real Users Monitoring (RUM)

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Web performance monitoring for data driven teams.

Monitor your website performance as experienced by actual users.

Trace and fix issues like you were there.

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Fix performance issues before your users complain

Without Tornimo

Real User Monitoring

1. User experiences poor performance

2. User reports a bug.

3. Developer investigates.

4. Unable to reproduce

5. Developer asks the User for more details.

6. User answers.

7. Further investigation.

8. Root cause found.

9. Problem fixed.

With Tornimo

Real User Monitoring

1. Performance degradation detected in Tornimo.

2. Root cause found.

3. Problem fixed.

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We are in free public beta

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Improve your conversion rates

47 percent of online customers expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.

Undetected performance degradation can significantly lower your users engagement rate and undercut the revenue they generate to your business.

Tornimo Real User Monitoring allows you to diagnose, trace down and solve issues your customers experience, before they impact your business.

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Watch your front

Have insight into your users perspective and improve their customer experience to have higher conversion rate.

Use perceptual metrics like First Paint, First Meaningful Paint and Time To Interactive to get accurate representation of perceived performance.

Get notified in case of malfunction.

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We are in free public beta