Monitoring your production infrastructure has never been easier and more scalable

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Send metrics from your servers or consumer end-devices

Instrument your applications and use our simple HTTP API, or a connector library, to send metrics from virtually any programming language.

Use one of dozens of open source connectors to monitor your databases, queues, virtual machines or other common infrastructure components. [Explore our integrations]

What kind of metrics you can track with Tornimo?

Counters, like:

  • Number of visitors
  • Value of transactions
  • Session length
  • Total time it takes to execute a request and total number of requests

Values changing in time

  • Memory usage
  • Queue length
  • Average time it takes to execute a request
  • Number of concurrent sessions

Query and transform your data

Apply predefined, time-based functions to your metrics to easily

  • transform your metrics
  • aggregate data, e.g. from multiple instances of the same service

Visualize and understand your system

  • Create live graphs, gauges, maps and other visualizations that represent key aspects of your system.
  • Combine them together into a configurable dashboards, and share with your Team.

Alerting & notifications

  • Create alerting thresholds right from the dashboard when action happens.
  • Setup notification channels using integrations with PagerDuty, Slack, Telegram, Email, Kafka, Prometheus, Microsoft Teams as well as webhooks.